Chandrayaan-2 captures images of crater on Moon; ISRO names it after Vikram Sarabhai

Chandrayaan 2 is once again it the news. This time it is because of images the spacecraft has taken. The images are of crater on the Moon.

Sarabhai Crater

One of the craters on the Moon is named Vikram Sarabhai. This crater is named so as to honor the father of Indian Space Program. Jitender Singh Minister of State in PMO said that this as Sarabhai’s birth centenary year completed on August 12, thanksgiving tribute to the scientist. He added that all these recent achievements are the vindication of Sarabhai’s visionary dream. These achievements also put India as a frontline nation in space research.

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The Sarabhai crater on the moon is around 250-300 kms where the Apollo 17 and Luna 21 missions landed. The depth of the crater is around 1.7 kms and the raise and slope of the crater is around 25-35 degrees.These finding can be helpful for all the space Scientists to know about the presence of lava in this region.

As per its design Chandrayaan-2 continues to perform its duties even after failing to land its rover. The scientific data will be made in public from October 2020 about the data collected by the spacecraft till now. Planned to land on the South Pole of the Moon, Chandrayaan-2 was launched on July 22. However, the lander Vikram hard-landed on September 7, crashing India’s dream to become the first nation to land on the south pole in its first attempt.

Even though the lander crashed and the rover was not recovered, the orbiter is still doing its job pretty well. It is because of this orbiter itself we are now getting the most important information about surface of the moon.

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