God of war’s Kratos skin available now in Fortnite, Get it now.

Kratos skin is available now in Fortnite:

Famous for its knock-out skins in gameplay Fortnite is adding new sets in the game. Recently some Rumours are going around the internet regarding Fortnite’s New skin addition. If you heard this on Twitter, then yes it’s true. A new addition to Fortnite set collection is a character from God of War Kratos. Kratos skin available Now in Fortnite.

Read further to see How to avail this skin in gameplay and More details about this.

How to get Kratos skin in Fortnite? :

  • If you have V- bucks Fortnite’s currency used in-game purchases. You can go to this set.
  • You can avail of this newly launched skin on any platform with Fortnite available
  • This set is not an exclusive one.
  • But there are some freebies if you are playing this game on PS5.  On PS5 Armoured version of Kratos skin is available now.
  • If you have 2200 V-bucks, Along with Kratos skin you can get a combo of a Mimir back bling, Leviathan pickaxe, and a glider.
  • And if you are short on v- bucks you can get skin along with back bundle bling as a combo

Fortnite season 5:

Kratos skin available Now
Kratos skin available Now in Fortnite- Armoured set available in PS5

Fortnite season 5 episode 2 has launched new skins and maps. The theme of this new episode is world collide. So the addition of many more powerful characters skin can be seen in the coming days.

Watch: Fortnite chapter 2- season 5 Battle pass Gamplay Trailer .

Fortnite season 5 episode 2 is available on :

  • PS4
  • PS5
  • X box series
  • Xbox one
  • PC
  • Android
  • Nintendo switch.

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Other characters in Fortnite:

It’s not even a week since season 5 chapter 2 of Fortnite has launched. But this game is already in the news. The fortnite game known for its skin left no stone unturned to delight their players.
characters from Marvel, Star Wars, DC are present in this game now God of war Kratos’s 2018 appearance skin is added to the list.

Recently, Mandalorian with baby Yoda skin is available.


  • Rumors turned out to be true and Kratos skin available Now in Fortnite.
  • You can get this skin on any platform with the help of v-bucks
  • Exclusive armored skin is only Available on PS5.