Google Assistant will soon get a Guest mode for private voice searches

Google Assistant is all ready to introduce the all-new feature of Guest mode soon.

Google Assistant will soon get a Guest mode for private voice searches

According to the reports, when Google Assistant will be switched to Guest mode; the interactions take place will not be saved on the account by Google linked to the device.

However, Google will set up a list of guidelines to ensure safety and privacy measures; owing to privacy concerns.

Google said; “three fundamental values guide the safety of its products: keeping your information secure, handling it responsibly, and putting you in charge.”

According to Google; the search and tech giant; the user’s data and other personalized information will not be hampered with.

In the next few weeks; the Guest mode feature of Google Assistant; will be designed in a way that it provides to the users more control.

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Google had last year devised a similar feature for Google Maps. The use of incognito mode on the application service would not save any activity to the linked account. This feature also included search history and other personalized recommendations; according to the reports.

Moreover, Google has also announced the revision its safety and security features keeping in mind the requirements of guest mode; for the latest versions of Chrome; as well as the Android and iOS browsers.

The Chrome application on mobile devices will now alert the users in case of any attempts to break into the id. Furthermore, enhanced Secure Browsing for Android was also be launched; and entail a biometric authentication phase would be made available before the users indulge in the option of auto-filling passwords.

Google; in a blog post announced that; the users might not feel like saving their interactions with Assistant to their Google account; and therefore, the availability of the option of Guest mode will facilitate the same.

Furthermore, the users can also decide to switch off the Guest mode and enjoy a personalized Assistant experience all that they want to. Moreover, the users can also now delete their previous interactions by enabling a new Google introduced-feature. The same was introduced last year.

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