More than 50,000 Chinese smartphones with Built-in Malware sold in African countries

Chinese smartphones with built-in Malware: Previously we told you that Malware were found in some Chinese smartphones. Today we will be telling you about a new update regarding the same. More than 50,000 Chinese smartphones with Built-in Malware sold in African countries. These smartphones are from Transsion’s subsidiary Tecno company.

In several countries of the African continent, these smartphones were sold. The countries like South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, Egypt and Cameroon are the most hit countries in which these phones were sold. The in built malware subscribes to the paid application without the permission of the owner. The parent company Transsion said that this malware was put into the phone in the supply chain. This malware was not inserted into the phone while manufacturing.

Chinese smartphones with built-in Malware

This matter came into limelight when an user noticed his pre-paid getting exhausted before the deadline. This was suspicious because the users did not use his phone for a long time. The phone from brand Techno was then submitted to the Secure-D department and these malware were found. The phone from Chinese company was seen to be stealing not only the data from the owner bust also the owner’s money.

The company has left with no words after the evidence were shown by the Secure-D department. The company is expert in making the smartphones available at affordable price range with good specs in it. This company is also seen sealing these phones in Indian Markets as well. The phone was then stopped form its production a day ago.

The parent company is still not convinced that the malware was installed at the time of production itself. Lets wait and watch what the company’s remark is on this particular matter. We will get you all the information related to this matter ones the company gives its reply.

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